The Peruvian Chamber of Construction (Capeco) warned that the real estate market is heading towards a supply problem.
The union has an indicator that measures the ratio of homes in stock to homes sold. In such a way that the upper limit is to have 2.5 homes for each home sold and at the lower limit the scenario is 1.5 homes for each home sold.
“In 2016, we were at 2.27 homes and in 2019 we reached 1.68 homes. If this continues, in 2021 there could be no housing and that is worrying, ”said Capeco executive director Guido Valdivia.
In other words, the number of new homes sold is growing at a faster rate than the supply, which could mean a reduction in sales from 2021 in Metropolitan Lima.
The problem, he says, comes from the increase in bureaucratic barriers imposed by the municipalities such as cancellation of licenses and collection of rights.
“That is why we request to strengthen the law that empowers the Ministry of Housing to issue a binding opinion that settles disputes in municipal procedures,” he said.

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